Healthy Bodies Group Hypnosis Program

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Healthy Bodies Group Hypnosis Program


Join our new group hypnosis program for support, motivation, skill, and tools you need to feel great in your body. 

Monday evenings 6:30-8

5 Sessions Oct 23, 30 Nov 6, 13, 20

Group Hypnosis is a great way to get motivated and get rid of those extra pounds. It's also affordable!  If you have already tried a number of different diets and want to try something new then this could be the answer for you. 


The group format is casual and fun. Sessions will run for 5 consecutive Monday evenings in late Oct- mid Nov, giving you motivation that will carry you through the holiday season with ease. Email today to register and join in the fun. 


How to Register: you can email Audrey at to let her know you'd like to save a spot and pay in person on the first session. OR, you can use the button below to add the program to your cart and pay up front to reserve your spot. I can't wait to start! 

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Stop struggling alone! Help is here for you.

Reaching your goal weight doesn't have to be about punishing yourself. There's an easier, more gentle way to become a healthier, balanced person. 

What will I get out of this? 

  • 5  group sessions of deep hypnosis that makes it easier for you to lose and keep of the weight. 
  • Nutritional and dietary support. Confused about what to eat to lose weight? Curious about what herbs can help? This program is here to help cut through the chaos and get your diet on track. You'll learn what plants help curb cravings and how to nourish your body into health and balance. Audrey is a certified Herbalist with a lot of nutritional info to share with you. 
  • The best practices in cutting edge emotional and behavioral therapeutic techniques, tried and tested through years of Audrey's own research and practice. 
  • Exercises, activities, and meditations to complete on your own time. These are CRUCIAL to the long term success of the program and will reinforce and magnify the benefits of the hypnosis. 
  • Lessons on self-hypnosis - an integral aspect of every program I offer, self-hypnosis is the key to living a joyful, balanced life.

AND MORE! In addition to the group sessions you will receive:

  • Discounts on recordings for home use 
  • Discounts on Audrey's own herbal products and bulk herbal supplies for healthy body weight 
  • Discounted individual sessions for deeper, more personalized hypnosis
  • Discounted optional coaching to keep you going after the group sessions are complete

 Total value of program: priceless life transformation :)


You may be wondering: how does group hypnosis work

Group hypnosis is a lot like individual hypnosis. All the same benefits can be achieved in a group setting that can individually. The main difference is that it's a lot cheaper. Some people even find it more effective in a group setting! You'll also have the benefit of team support and community to help motivate you.