Individual Sessions


Individual Sessions

from 50.00

For those who are new to hypnosis and would like to try it out without long term commitment, I offer shorter sessions that are focused on individual needs and goals. For those who would like a more in-depth and personalized experience, book at least a 2 hour session. Returning clients can book at a 25% discount per individual session.

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Curious about hypnosis? Want to give it a try but unsure if it will 'work' for you? Try it out for an affordable rate with no long term commitment and see if you'd like to go deeper. 

All sessions are co-created through dialogue and exchange between me, the practitioner, and you,  the client, to best suit your personal needs. The length of the session can determine how deep, how targeted, and how rich an experience you would like, however it is not necessary to "go deep" to have a powerful experience or see results. 


1. Mini/trial sessions - A brief introduction to hypnosis. Client will experience the 'induction' process and the benefits of the meditative trance state even in a short session. 30 + minutes

2. Traditional Hypnosis Session - For those who would like a deeper experience of hypnosis, book a regular individual session, which lasts about 90 min-2 hours, and offers you the chance to target a goal or experience you'd like to manifest in your life. 

3. Extended Individual Sessions  - allow for more focused experience that is designed around the personal needs and desires of the client. Self hypnosis will also be taught which empowers the individual to continue the healing process on their own. 3 hours.  

4. Virtual Sessions - for those clients who cannot make it in person or who live too far to drive, I offer the convenience of a virtual session. Through the internet, we can connect face-to-face and do all the wonderful work of a traditional therapy setting. Yes, it is possible to do hypnosis through the computer! Even over the phone if necessary.  All that's needed is a computer or smart phone with an internet connection.