Body Image and Weight Loss Treatment Program

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Body Image and Weight Loss Treatment Program


What would it feel like to be in a body you love? Imagine what it would be like to look and feel your best - light, trim, fit, and full of vibrant energy. Feels good, right?! What would have to change in your life in order for this to be a reality? 

Turning this imaginary experience into reality is easier than you think. Sometimes we need a total mental makeover before we can change our physical reality. That's just what this program is designed to do.  

It's time for you to inhabit your "light body"! Get ready for a total transformation of your life as you untangle the emotional and behavioral knots that keep you from reaching your weight loss goals. Together, we will bust through the myth that losing weight has to be painful and that it's impossible the keep the weight off.  Letting go of all those extra burdens you've been carrying around is a joyful experience! 

 Using a variety of hypnosis techniques, nutritional and fitness support and coaching, this program is a focused series of sessions that target releasing inner resistance to weight loss goals. Clients learn self hypnosis techniques, nourishing herbal therapeutics, self care and dietary practices that support long term weight loss.  Feel lighter, more energized and vibrantly healthy. Requires a full participation commitment and willingness to do work outside of sessions.

Changing your body requires first changing your mental habits. It also requires addressing the underlying inner conflicts that lead to negative habits. Hypnosis is very effective at addressing the deeper levels of emotional and mental patterns that stop you from reaching your goals.


What will I get? 

  • 6 individual session of deep hypnosis that makes it easier for you to lose and keep of the weight. Total value: $600
  • Nutritional and dietary support. Confused about what to eat to lose weight? Curious about what herbs can help? This program is here to help cut through the chaos and get your diet on track. You'll learn what plants help curb cravings and how to nourish your body into health and balance. Audrey is a certified Herbalist and nutritional coach, here to share her herbal knowledge with you. Total value: $400
  • Exercises, activities, and meditations to complete on your own time. These are CRUCIAL to the long term success of the program and will reinforce and magnify the benefits of the hypnosis. Total value: $150
  • Lessons on self-hypnosis - an integral aspect of every program I offer, self-hypnosis is the key to living a joyful, balanced life. Total value: priceless!
  • Coaching to keep you going. In addition to your hypnosis sessions, you'll receive a month of weekly emails and phone calls of one-on-one coaching to help you maintain your new, healthy habits. Total value: $200
  • Total value of program: priceless :)
  • Cost to you: $600. That's a lot of bang for your buck!  

Treatment requires an up front deposit and commitment to a minimum of 6 sessions.  Additional "maintenance" sessions, if needed,  are free of charge for up to 6 months. 



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