Weight Loss and Body Image Program

Inhabit your Light Body


So many of us struggle to find balance and ease in our bodies and with food. From an early age, sometimes before we are even aware, we We feel out of control and ashamed at our failures to maintain the perfect body. We are unsure what to eat, how much to eat and how to eat. We develop unhealthy attitudes t   As someone who has shared this journey, I have designed the program for long term success, not as a boot-camp to shed pounds fast.  From a holistic perspective, having extra weight is s symptom of emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances (or think of it this way: places that need healing and loving attention) - 

Hypnosis for Weight Loss 

Success in reaching weight loss goals requires a commitment. Lucky, its easy to stick to it when the commitment is an enjoyable as a session of hypnosis. 

A typical weight loss program requires 6-8 sessions of hypnosis. Each session builds on the one before it, adding suggestions to "reprogram" your subconscious to change negative behaviors and to replace them with more positive ones. This change takes repetition over time in order to bring lasting results. 

Herbal Support

Everyone knows eating right is a cornerstone to a healthy body weight. But what does it mean to eat right? 

From an herbalist's perspective, nourishment is the foundation of health. Plants teach us how to listen to our physical needs, and how to respect cycles and rhythms that govern us whether we acknowledge them or not. For an herbalist, daily herbal infusions are the best primary and preventative care we can give ourselves for wellness and deep body nourishment. Plants such as oatstraw, nettle, clover, raspberry leaf and dandelion are our allies in the journey to a healthier body. Nervines and aromatic plants such as skullcap, chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender calm and balance our nervous system to reduce anxiety and stress that often lead to excess weight gain. Tonics such as hawthorn and strengthen over time to bring resilience to our system and help us adapt gracefully to life's challenges.   

 Based on the fundamentals of herbal medicine, this program supports your weight loss goals by adding powerful plants into your life.  With coaching and recipes provided, Audrey will craft a herbal regime to suit your  specific needs and tastes.  You will learn how to incorporating the healing properties of plants into your diet through meals, broths, and infusions, you will learn what it means to really nourish your body, and what if feels like to be in balance with your body.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of this program is the benefit of personal support for your weight loss goals